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Lambrini Kourkouta, Christos Iliadis, Alexandros Monios, Petros Ouzounakis
Abstract:AbstractIntroduction: The poisoning problem is acute, complex and multifaceted. The child poisoning is dangerous and may jeopardize their lives.Purpose: the present literature retrospective study was to list information about the poisoning in pediatric patients.Methodology: The study material has recently been articles on t [...] Read more.
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Babur M. Shakirov, M.D., Komil R. Tagaev, M.D., Erkin A. Hakimov, M.D.
Abstract:Acute renal failure is one of the major complications of burns and it is accompanied by a high mortality rate. Most renal failures occur either immediately after the injury or at a later period when sepsis develops. Fifty four materials of autopsies of died patients being treated at Burn Department of Samarkan [...] Read more.
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Elmira Nazar, Keith A. Strevett* Ph.D.
Abstract:Fecal enumeration is a key factor in determining the quality of a water source. Accuracy and reliability of fecal analysis is dependent upon several variables, viz. incubation temperature, specific conductivity, pH, nutrient availability, population density, suspended solids concentration, etc. The goal of this study was to [...] Read more.
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Alvaro Valdivia Pareja, Diana Stark Ekman
Abstract:Objectives: Suicide attempts from public places, including bridges, often result in emergency responders being called to these events. Little is known about the attitudes towards suicide in this group. The aim of this study was to investigate the attitudes towards suicides and suicide attempts taking place on bridges, inclu [...] Read more.
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Ameen Yahya Rageh, Maged Ahmed Al-Garadi, Mohammed Hezam Al-Mashreki
Abstract:The current research is designed to assess the impact of wastewater use on the soils, water resources and public health comparing with chemical, biological and physical analysis with local and international standards. One sample was collected from outlet of wastewater treatment system, ten ground water samples and eight soi [...] Read more.
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Adams Sadick, Richard Amfo-Otu, Emmanuel Dugan, Calys-Tagoe Edward
Abstract:A research was conducted at Botanga irrigation area to assess the levels of selected irrigation water quality parameters. The parameters considered were pH, electrical conductivity (ECw), total dissolved solids (TDS), calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg), sodium (Na), sodium adsorption ratio (SAR) and bicarbonate (HCO3-). Water sam [...] Read more.
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Peimin Pu, Jiangping Pu, Zhenbin Zhu
Abstract:A stable quasi rigid water molecule structure and structure for solid and liquid water body was presented recently. A liquid water skin structure may be derived from that model with the electric coupling principles between water molecules on the air-water interface. The surface tension and latent heat for evaporation of wat [...] Read more.
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Shinemin Lin, Domenick Thomas
Abstract:Over the past six years, I have integrated student engagement through inquiry- and project-based learning into college mathematics instructions. I attended many workshops about using computation modeling in the classroom supports student learning and reduces student anxiety. Through dynamic modeling students can connect Ma [...] Read more.
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Armando Cartenì
Abstract:All the elements of a transportation system model generally suffer from some approximation. Normally the traffic demand estimation is considered the most crucial and problematic element to be simulated, and vehicle traffic counts are generally used to “update” it so that the whole model system is able to reproduce the obser [...] Read more.
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Michael Ajide Oyinloye, Isaac Oluwadare Olamiju, Victor Kolade Otokiti
Abstract:Criminal behaviour is a fact of life in every community, to some extent it can be checked, restrained and bridled. An up-to-date data is needed on crime for proper management; it is only in a GIS environment this can be done effectively. This study therefore, utilized the GIS technology to access the spatial distribution of [...] Read more.
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