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LAI Yuan-wen
Abstract:In order to resolve the problem that current parking index of Middle School is not clear, by investigating the present parking situation of Fuzhou Middle school, got the conclusion that the decisive factors of parking index of Middle Schools are urban motorization level, school location, the scale and composition of school [...] Read more.
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S. Zannen, L. Ghali, M.T. Halimi, M. Ben Hassen
Abstract:The aim of this study is to investigate the effect of chemical treatment method on the properties of Posidonia fibers. The chemical treatment which was carried out is a combined hydrogen peroxide and sodium hydroxide treatment. First, an investigation of the treatment processes was undertaken. Secondly, the physical propert [...] Read more.
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Marium bint saad bin Mubarak, Raisa Nazir Ahmed Kazi, Shaheena Tabassum Ahsan, Raisa N Kazi
Abstract:Computer has become an essential part in an educational institution. However long duration computer use has been associated with many health issues. Back and neck pain, headaches, eye problems and shoulder and arm pain are common computer-related injuries. This study aims to find the health effect of long duration use of c [...] Read more.
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N. Manandhar, S. Subedi
Abstract:Background: Low back pain is neither a disease nor a diagnostic entity of any sort. The term refers to pain in an area of the anatomy afflicted so often that it has become a paradigm of responses to external and internal stimuli. The prevalence of low back pain among hospital workers varies between different countries 39% i [...] Read more.
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V.K.Ignatovich, M.Utsuro
Abstract:The experimentally found small heating of the neutrons after transmission through thin foils can be explained by violation of energy conservation because of finite energy width of the neutron wave packet. The part of the wave packet subcritically transmitted through a foil has energy distribution higher than that of the inc [...] Read more.
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Lena J-T Strömberg
Abstract:Propagation and static distribution of light on noncircular orbits are modelled. The space where light embodies is determined with kinematics, such that the perpendicular velocity of the 'material'-space described as a noncircular orbit, is harmonic with amplitude fwre. Light propagation to discrete orbits may occur with a [...] Read more.
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Lena J-T Strömberg
Abstract:The first eight terms in the Riemann hypothesis is analysed as harmonics with certain ratios to the ground level. The ratios were chosen from acoustic. To obtain the best fit, terms 5 and 7 was assumed to interact in a beat. [...] Read more.
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Vladimir Ignatovich
Abstract:The concept of the coherence length of the neutron is explored. The generally accepteddefinition of a Gaussian wave packet based on the method of the beam preparation, andthe singular de Broglie's wave packet are considered. Possible ways of measuring thecoherence length are discussed. [...] Read more.
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Angyang Yu
Abstract:The research of plastic deformation of metals attaches great importance to stacking fault energy (SFE). In this paper, we derive the expressions of four types (I1, I2, E and T2) of basal plane SFEs of hcp-Ti within the framework of the Ising model. Based on this model, alloying effects on the stacking fault energy (SFE) of [...] Read more.
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Ziqian Liu
Abstract:This paper presents a theoretical design of how a nonlinear H-infinity optimal control is achieved for delayed recurrent neural networks with noise uncertainty. Our objective is to build globally stabilizing control laws to accomplish the input-to-state stability together with the optimality for delayed recurrent neural net [...] Read more.
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