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Xun Tang, Pan Jiang, Huanhuan Chen, Jun Wu, Xiaodong Xie, Xuelian Mao, Dongping Mo, Li Tang, Feng Yan
Abstract:tRNA derived fragments are differentiated expressed in human breast cancer( BC) tissues. Among of them, 5-tRF-His attracted our attention due to its potential role in breast cancer progression. PCR and in situ hybridization were used to measure the expression and location of 5-tRF-His. The role of 5-tRF-His in vitro was exp [...] Read more.
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Kai Xing, Zefeng Kang
Abstract:Purpose: To assess the efficacy and safety of intravitreal conbercept injections in patients with macular edema (ME) secondary to branch retinal vein occlusion (BRVO).
Methods: The study included 33 patients (38 eyes) with ME secondary to BRVO who received intravitreal conbercept 0.05mL injections. The op [...] Read more.
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Eccentric hamstring training is a contemporary approach to reducing injury risk in elite footballers. Understanding the temporal pattern of recovery would inform training design.
20 male professional football players completed baseline assessments of eccentric hamstring strengt [...] Read more.
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Abstract:In Burkina Faso, undernutrition remains a public health issue. The food quality for under 23-month-old children constitutes a key pillar of child nutritional status. The objective of this study is to assess the adequacy of child feeding practices in Burkina based on the norms framed jointly by WHO/Unicef in 2011. The datase [...] Read more.
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Azamat Yeshmukhametov, Koichi Koganezawa, Askar Seidakhmet, Yoshio Yamamoto
Abstract:In the last couple of decades, wire-driven mechanisms getting more attention in robotics and medical instruments. The wire-driven actuation system is one of the effective ways of force transmission in the distance. In continuum robots, a wire-driven mechanism plays a crucial role in robot control. Likewise, power transmissi [...] Read more.
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Umarov A.V., Kamalova D.
Abstract:A composite material based on polystyrene with the addition of microparticles of soot has been developed. The electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR) spectra were studied [...] Read more.
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Zi hua Zhang, Hua an Zhang, Su Zhang, Zhi ying Zhong
Abstract:Briefiy introduced some significant results obtained on the research of the superluminal phenomena and Communications: firstly proved the causation of the superluminal propagation of the light pulses or photon trap is due to the reshaping of light pulse by the Dispersion of the media, the result of WKD experiment is correct [...] Read more.
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Xiaojun Zhang
Abstract:All valid Aristotle’s modal syllogisms can be obtained by adding modal operators to 24 valid classical syllogisms. On the basis of the 20 valid modal syllogisms obtained by adding modal operators to valid classical syllogisms AAA-1 and EAE-1, this paper not only shows that the validity of the other 326 Aristotle’s modal syl [...] Read more.
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Su Wu-xun
Abstract:According to the modernized Marxism ideological system, the questions of the Marxism sinicization are discussed: 1, The Marxism sinicization in the new democratic revolution stage of China; 2, Faced the current more thorough development of reform and opening up of China, how to assault the fortified positions and overcome d [...] Read more.
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Su Wu-xun
Abstract:this paper probes into three respects of the questions of the Marxism modernization: 1, The development of human society has become from the spontaneous development into the conscious development; 2, The basic developing law of human conscious development society; and the basic contradictions of the human conscious developm [...] Read more.
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