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Abstract:Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate the factors affecting librarians’ approach toward IT application in libraries. It also aims to identify general underlying factors, which could be used to predict the likely behaviour of librarians toward IT innovation in their libraries.Design/methodology/approach – Pri [...] Read more.
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Dr. Razaq Femi Quadri (CLN), Olaleye Samuel Abiodun
Abstract:The purpose of the present paper has been undertaken with a view to evaluate the ICT skills of students amongst the College Library Users of Federal Polytechnic, Offa, Kwara State. So far, economic research has failed to provide a clear consensus on the level of ICT literacy skills of student’s in Polytechnics and how it af [...] Read more.
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Dr. Razaq Femi Quadri (CLN), Olaleye Samuel Abiodun
Abstract:This study investigated the availability and use of reference sources and services by The Federal Polytechnic Offa students. Descriptive survey research design was used and 100 samples were used for this study. Findings were analyzed using descriptive statisticsand the results indicated that 38(40.9%) of the respondents use [...] Read more.
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Yan-Fang MA, Kan-She LI, Zhi-Hong ZHANG, Tian-Qi HU, Jian-Kang WANG
Abstract:Underground leaching mining of carnallite is a mining method with minimal environmental impact. This method involves the leaching of potassium ions from solid carnallite into a liquid phase and subsequent recovery. Herein, we describe research on the effect of temperature on the process of carnallite dissolution, which is a [...] Read more.
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Abstract:The present study examined how library and e-learning services can be incorporated together for improving teaching and learning in selected higher learning institutions in Nigeria. Specifically the study identified electronic technologies and applications used for providing library services; investigated how library applica [...] Read more.
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Rafael Marín Galvín, José Miguel Rodríguez Mellado
Abstract:Emerging pollutants in urban waste water has increased significantly their levels over the last 15 years having both industrial origin and domestic one. Once these contaminants reach to an urban WWTP, in most cases operated by aerobic biological process, the treatment capacity of these effluents therein suffers greatly. Thu [...] Read more.
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E.F. Salem, M.Salama
Abstract:Nuclear power plant operation experience over the past three decades indicates that fires at NPPs may constitute a real and significant threat to nuclear safety in addition to the conventional fire hazards to life and property. Fire Hazard Analyses (FHA) and Probabilistic Fire Safety Analyses (Fire PSA), have shown that fir [...] Read more.
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Abdolrahim Zarei, Farshad Farahbod
Abstract:The techniques of wastewater treatment have been considered, recently. The performance of usage of nano ferric oxide and aluminum oxide as coagulant is evaluated in this work, experimentally. The experiments were conducted to measure the important parameters in quality of treatment by addition of four different amounts of n [...] Read more.
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Seyyedeh Media Jad baba, Farshad Farahbod
Abstract:Desulphurization of crude oil is an important process used in a petroleum refinery to reduce the sulphur concentration and production of fuel products such as gasoline, jet fuel, kerosene, diesel and heating oil. The operating and geometrical parameters are evaluated in this paper. Therefore, the gained results can be inter [...] Read more.
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Dr. John Misak
Abstract:Video games have developed into movie-like productions. This paper addresses how modern video games deliver a developed narrative and how such games can be used in the English Composition classroom, much like traditional texts, to help students learn writing craft. Through the exploration of pedagogical strategies for such [...] Read more.
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