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P.M.Perillo, D.F.Rodríguez
Abstract:In the present study, the use of ZnO nanorods sensor under the irradiation of 400 nm UV-LED illumination at room temperature was tested. The non-intentionally C-doped flower-like zinc oxide (ZnO) nanorods were synthesized through a chemical method at low temperature (60–65 °C). The hexagonal wurtzite phase of ZnO was confi [...] Read more.
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Mack J. Du
Abstract:Since Shannon theory facing to the world, it provides highly clear definitions of information and model of communication respectively. Moreover it sets a significant fundament of information, and provides a great value to researches and applications for later. By comparative method, model analysis, and multi-degree metric s [...] Read more.
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Azreena Abu Bakar, Rusli Abdullah
Abstract:Knowledge Management System (KMS) is such an application of computer based communications and information systems that grant sharing and transferring knowledge effectively; furthermore with the evolution of Internet, KMS has improved its knowledge process and activities where it can be accessed with varied form of technolog [...] Read more.
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Phyllis Forster, Rosemary Quarcoo, Elizabeth Lani Ashong, Victoria Ghanny
Abstract:The study explored the views of teacher-trainees on Clothing and Textiles (C&T) education in two teacher education universities in Ghana. The objectives were to find out whether pre-tertiary Sewing/C&T lessons provided them with small-scale business skills, and foundation for higher education, they could teach Sewing/C&T co [...] Read more.
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Ulugbek Khalikov
Abstract:AbstractThe paper is devoted to study the contemporary role of investments to economic development in the context of Uzbek stock exchange. The comparative analysis of economic development and stock market trends in Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan and Russia for the period of 2000-2015 are conducted using documentary analysis, quanti [...] Read more.
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Odey Daisy Mary, Amos Dangana, Idris Abdullah Nasir, James Adisa
Abstract:AbstractBackground: The frequent use of herbal preparations for treatment of infections and diseases have led to the need to investigate possible side effects that could be associated with these plants. Objective of study: This study was designed to investigate the effects of aqueous leaf extracts of Albizzia lebbeck on the [...] Read more.
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M.T. Caccamo, A. Cannuli, G. Castorina, F. Colombo, V. Insinga, E. Maiorana, S. Magazù
Abstract:The aim of this paper is to analyze the reasons for which the rainfall accumulations in Sicily do not follow the downward trend observed in the period from 1921 to 2002, but, mostly in the last ten years, show a substantial increase. The analysis has been performed by applying statistical methods to a wide ensemble of colle [...] Read more.
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Maryam I. Habadi, Chris. P. Tsokos
Abstract:Global warming is considered one of the important issues facing our planet. Global warming is the increase in average global temperatures caused mostly by increases in Carbon Dioxide CO_2. During the last two decades, the CO_2 emission in the Middle Eastern countries increased by over 200% based on The Energy Information A [...] Read more.
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Prabir Chandra Padhy, Ashiss Kumar Mishra
Abstract:E-commerce carries with it its own importance in the corporate world due to the effect of globalisation. Significance of E-commerce further extends in India due to the advent of ‘Digital India” campaign. Remarkable transformation has been taken place in the field of entrepreneurship by the implementation of effective govern [...] Read more.
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Eneji, J.E.O., Eneji, C.V.O., Ngoka, V.N., Tangban, E. A
Abstract:Making the choices of feeding the new infant of HIV+ mothers is influenced by a lot of factors the purpose of this paper is to take an in-depth examination of some sociodemographic factors influencing the choices of infant feeding options among HIV+ mothers in two health facilities: General Hospital Ogoja and Roman Catholic [...] Read more.
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