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Shiyam, J. O, Binang, W. B., Stephen, G. E.
Abstract:A field experiment conducted at the Teaching and Research Farm of the Department of Crop Science, University of Calabar, evaluated the effect of poultry (PM) and goat manures (GM) on soil properties and the performance of okra. Treatments comprised 3 x 3 factorial combinations of PM and GM rates each at 0, 5 and 10 t/ha in [...] Read more.
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Manandhar N., Raman T.P.
Abstract:Hypertension affects one billion people and it is estimated that high blood pressure kills nine million people worldwide. Prevalence of high blood pressure in adult aged 25 years and above in Nepal is 36% male and 26.2% female. The objective of the study is to find out the risk factors of hypertension by applying logistic [...] Read more.
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Pryiatelchuk Olena
Abstract:The article is a study of corporate social and environmental responsibility as factors for sustainable development in today's business, obtaining systematic information on theoretical approaches and practices for its implementation today, the definition of the basis of the problems and prospects of corporate environmental r [...] Read more.
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Abstract:All extant photosynthetic organisms descend from a primeval photosynthetic operon of the single evolutionary line of cells. This hypothesis proposed existence of mitoplastide genome in the aerobic oxygen non-producing proto-eukaryot. This genome is composed of whole mitochondrial replicon and photosynthetic gene cluster su [...] Read more.
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Zahid A. Khan, Ram Chandra Tewari
Abstract:: Tethys is believed to be a wide ocean which closed, reopened, and then closed again, and referred as Proto-Tethys, Paleo-Tethys, Neo-Tethys and Para-Tethys subducting some 5000 km of oceanic crust before disappearing completely. Tethys Ocean continued to expand dividing Pangaea into the two large continents of Laurasia in [...] Read more.
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Lena J-T Strömberg
Abstract:Rational points on elliptic curves are considered, in the formulation of BSD, and for nonlinear dynamical systems. Method used is the intersection with other curves, for a more general expression of an elliptic curve, known as an extended elliptic curve. It is found that there are elliptic curves with at most 3 rational sol [...] Read more.
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Anatoliyi N. Pyrko
Abstract:10-hydroxydecahydryacridinedione derivative was synthesized by the reaction of dimedone, hydroxylamine and salicylaldehyde in dry pyridine. This substance is colorless in acidic and neutral and pink in base solutions. The acid dissociation constant of this compound in a hydroalcoholic solution was determined by the UV-visib [...] Read more.
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Abstract:Despite the belief that Information and Communication Technology (ICT) integration makes impact on the entire educational system, studies directed to ICT in schools have placed too much emphasis on the variables at class level neglecting other areas which ICT are applied. In order to have distributed literature the present [...] Read more.
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Abstract:The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) revolution has not only opened up new opportunities for economic growth and social development but has also posed problems and challenges. It can shape and enhance wide range of developmental applications in agriculture, industry and social sectors and is influencing all [...] Read more.
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Shikha Bhatnagar, Omprakash Sikhwal
Abstract:The Fibonacci polynomials and Lucas polynomials are famous for possessing wonderful and amazing properties and identities. In this paper, Generalized Fibonacci polynomials are introduced and study its properties. Further, some recurrence relations state and derive for generalized Fibonacci polynomials. [...] Read more.
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