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Ziqian Liu
Abstract:This paper presents a theoretical design of how a nonlinear H-infinity optimal control is achieved for delayed recurrent neural networks with noise uncertainty. Our objective is to build globally stabilizing control laws to accomplish the input-to-state stability together with the optimality for delayed recurrent neural net [...] Read more.
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Gulcan Sarp
Abstract:Vegetation coverage has a significant role on the Land Surface Temperature (LST) distribution. Remote sensing technologies use the thermal infrared region of the electromagnetic spectrum in order to observe LST. In this paper spatial and temporal distribution of vegetation coverage, land surface temperature investigated, an [...] Read more.
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Barbarino Simona, Cane Daniele, von Hardenberg Jost, Pelosini Renata, Provenzale Antonello
Abstract:Wildfires strongly impact Central and Southern Europe. While the Mediterranean basin represents the region most prone to severe fire events, recently Alpine regions experienced an increasing number of summer forest fires. Additionally, current climate projections indicate that the Alps are especially exposed to temperature [...] Read more.
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Xiaofang Feng, Mingqi Li
Abstract:Polysiloxane@phenolic resin (Polysiloxane@RF) precursor is firstly synthesized by sol-gel method using resorcinol, formaldehyde and triethoxyethylsilanes as starting materials, and then pyrolyzed at a desired temperature for desired time. The as-prepared SiOx@C samples are characterized by Fourier transform infrared spectro [...] Read more.
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Hong Wang-jian, Guo Xiao-yong
Abstract:Virtual reference feedback tuning control is a data-driven control strategy. No model identification of the plant is needed in this method. As the asymptotic covariance matrix is an important factor in the whole system identification theory. So here the error about the unknown parameter estimation is derived through Taylor [...] Read more.
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Li Guanglin, Malin, Wang Yuhao, Si Liangying, Wang Xianhui, Wang Fuxing
Abstract:The DC magnetic bias can affect the normal production and operation of the transformer. In this paper, by means of the finite element simulation software to simulate the excitation current fluctuations phenomenon of the three-phase transformer after adding DC magnetic bias, and by comparing the excitation current fluctuatio [...] Read more.
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M. Forghani, S. Afsharnia
Abstract:this paper proposes a new technique for estimating the fundamental frequency of power system in harmonic condition by using real-time wavelet transform. Indeed, the fundamental component of the distorted system voltage is extracted using real-time wavelet transform and then the frequency of the fundamental component can be [...] Read more.
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Abstract:The paper presents a method to measure the parameters of four circuits AC lines on the same tower. At first, the positive sequence open circuit impedance and short circuit impedance are both measured for any one of four lines. Secondly, four cases of 2-phase systems are assembled by four lines on the same tower, and then th [...] Read more.
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Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Desai
Abstract:Natural resources in India are unlimited and agriculture is main revenue generating sector. Due to this, we are independent for our food consumption. Essential commodities like Milk, Vegetables and other living items are also easily available. We mainly depend on Oil products like Petrol, Diesel and Kerosene which we are im [...] Read more.
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Prof. (Dr.) Subhash Desai
Abstract:Mobile phones are one of the most acceptable interfaces for internet user. A number of mobile apps are available for offering information. People can read Holy Bhagvad Geeta in various translations and listen to its verse by verse audio recitation anywhere, anytime. In it almost every theme related to Bhagvad Geeta consisti [...] Read more.
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