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Peter Kopanov, Miroslav Marinov, Atakan Salimov
Abstract:In this paper we consider cases of the existence of the moments of functions of random variables supported on a bounded interval. Our attention is restricted to the tan function, as a generalization of the Cauchy distribution which is infact the result of applying this function to a uniformly distributed variable. [...] Read more.
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Gang Li
Abstract:An active form-grinding method is proposed to obtain excellent and stable contact performance of cylindrical gears by designing modification forms based on a predesigned controllable second-order transmission error function. First of all, a predesigned second-order transmission error polynomial function is assigned to the g [...] Read more.
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You-Yu Dai, Qianru Qin, Shuming Ma
Abstract:Brand trust is one of the ways that enterprises do to influence consumers' attitude towards their own brand, while public service marketing can effectively show the positive image of enterprises, to improve consumers' high trust in enterprises or their products. This paper uses a variety of research methods to carry out thi [...] Read more.
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Veysel Parlak, Arzu Uçar, Gonca Alak, Muhammed Atamanalp
Abstract:Dibrom (Naled) is one of the organophosphate insecticides used to fight mosquitoes, mites and house flies. In this study, it was aimed to determine the behavioral changes and hematological parameters of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) altered by the chronic toxicity of dibrom. Fish were captured for a 14-day acclimation [...] Read more.
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Hongyan Ma, Hao Zhang, Yuanpeng Chen, Mingchuan Wang, Jie Zhang, Fangang Kong, Weiran Li, Wei Shan, Jin LI, Zhiling Wang
Abstract:The stick-slip vibration in deep hard formation is a technical bottleneck restricting the efficient use of PDC bit.In order to combat the stick-slip phenomenon during drilling in deep hard formations, we introduced thehigh frequency self-excited torkbuster. Based on the analysis of the working principle of the torkbuster, a [...] Read more.
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Huang Z.Q., Gao M.J., Feng G.Q, Ma X.S, Wang R
Abstract:Abstract: Aims: In view of the current study on the fingerprint of panax pseudo-ginseng, panax ginseng and panax quinquefolium, the identification features can not be clearly distinguished. HPLC and NIRS analysis technologies were used to establish the fingerprint of p. notoginseng flower, p. ginseng flower and p. quinquef [...] Read more.
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Li-fa Xu, Chang-hao Hou, Xiao-huan Lu
Abstract:Background: According to WHO estimates, more than 2 billion people worldwide have been infected with Hepatitis B Virus, and hepatitis B has seriously harmed human health.Objective: This study aims to understand the current status of hepatitis B infection in college students, to explore the performance patterns and compositi [...] Read more.
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Abstract:The purpose of this study was to find factors causing lecturers’ resistance to effective implementation of competence based education and training in Harare poly-technic colleges. Qualitative research design, grounded in the interpretivist paradigm was used. The data generating instruments were observation and interview gui [...] Read more.
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Manuel Tavares, Sandra Gomes
Abstract:In the formerly so-called third world countries, now called emerging countries and or peripheral and semi-peripheral countries, there are innovative counter-hegemonic experiences whose higher education projects are situated in a perspective of social equity and justice including historically marginalized social groups and a [...] Read more.
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Peres M., C. J., Antão, M. A.
Abstract:Over the years, economy’s cyclicality and the Disaster Myopia problem, which, according to Vasconcelos (2017), Cornand and Gimet (2012, p. 301) consists of an excessive optimism about market conditions whereby economic agents tend to underestimate risk, have repeatedly brought to the forefront the harmful effects of “bankru [...] Read more.
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