Comment on ‘Protective Measurement and quantum Reality’

Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2017     |     PP. 1-8      |     PDF (275 K)    |     Pub. Date: May 8, 2017
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Wu Xinzhong, School of History and Culture of Science, Shanghai Jiaotong University

Protective measurements offer an intriguing method for measuring the wave function of a single quantum system. With contributions from leading physicists and philosophers of physics-----including two of the original discoverers of this important method------ ‘Protective measurements and quantum reality’ edited by Shan Gao explores the concept of protective measurement, investigating its broad applications and deep implications.

protective measurement, quantum reality

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Wu Xinzhong, Comment on ‘Protective Measurement and quantum Reality’ , SCIREA Journal of Physics. Volume 2, Issue 1, February 2017 | PP. 1-8.


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