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Liheng Hao
Abstract: The simple and feasible methods for screening valid generalized modal syllogisms are as follows: (1) First, prove the validity of a generalized syllogism, then add at least one necessary modality (□) or possible modality (◇) to this syllogism, (2) Secondly, according to the basic fact that the conclusion of a modal syllogis
Abstract       References PDF (320167 k) 8 Downloads     2105 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110451
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Liheng Hao
Abstract: This paper firstly formalizes Aristotelian modal syllogisms from the perspective of knowledge representation, and then uses modal logic and generalized quantifier theory to prove the validity of the Aristotelian modal syllogism □AE◇E-4. Finally, making much of some rules and facts in first-order logic and the definitions of
Abstract       References PDF (366899 k) 14 Downloads     1991 Views     DOI: 10.54647/isss120332
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Liheng Hao
Abstract: This paper uses set theory to provide knowledge representation methods for common generalized syllogisms in natural language. Then, the validity of the generalized syllogism AHH-2 with the non-trivial generalized quantifier at most half of the is proved by the truth definitions of categorical propositions, and
Abstract       References PDF (259175 k) 13 Downloads     2012 Views     DOI: 10.54647/computer520396
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Tatyana Odintsova
Abstract: For sustainability, the transparent information environment is exceptionally substantial. One of the most common global practices that allows us to achieve this goal has become corporative ESG-reporting. The existence of numerous sustainable reporting and ESG-rating systems complicates the process of its harmonization, but
Abstract       References PDF (1672983 k) 9 Downloads     2276 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790433
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Steven D. Deines
Abstract: In his 1905 special relativity paper, Einstein defined clock synchronization occurs when photon transmissions traverse a distance (or rod) with equal time spans in either direction. With a universal photon speed, he discovered clocks on the ends of a rod moving parallel with uniform velocity cannot be synchronized, but cloc
Abstract       References PDF (492233 k) 7 Downloads     2053 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140605
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Ahmed Hashim Raza, Sunitha P, Basava Rao V V
Abstract: Reactive distillation is a cost-effective chemical engineering process intensification method which involves the reaction and separation simultaneously in a single unit. Previously, Propionic Acid has been purified using n-Butanol as an entrainer in a batch setup using reactive distillation in the presence of a cation excha
Abstract       References PDF (3657955 k) 7 Downloads     2085 Views     DOI: 10.54647/chemical530047
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Zi-cheng Zhu, Yan Diao, Xiang-hui Li
Abstract: By analyzing the structural performance characteristics of a heavy-duty gearbox, based on the modular design thinking and the requirements of the actual maintenance training application, the virtual prototype of a heavy-duty gearbox, such as the construction of three-dimensional model, collision detection, 3d observation, d
Abstract       References PDF (1263574 k) 11 Downloads     2140 Views     DOI: 10.54647/isss120324
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Habibat Oladosu-Uthman
Abstract: Despite the fact that Nigeria is a plural state with multi-ethnic and multi-religious entities by diverse cultures and languages, it is worrisome to witness incidences of side-lining and denial of human rights to some segments of the society. In other words, human right issues are treated with levity within the Nigerian soc
Abstract       References PDF (91136 k) 14 Downloads     2000 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841237
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Wagner Pires da Silva
Abstract: Created in 2013, the Federal University of Cariri - UFCA, has sought to implement actions that allow the fulfillment of its mission with the community in which it operates. In line with its Strategic Planning, the Dean of Graduation has sought to use in its activities a model that can make Cariri from Ceará more efficient.
Abstract       References PDF (47616 k) 14 Downloads     2059 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841260
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Mariam Erradi
Abstract: Congenital tuberculosis is rare and fatal. The delay in diagnosis is very common in most cases. We report a premature infant born after 30 weeks of gestation; the diagnosis was suspected in front of otorrhea at 5 weeks of life with the announcement of the death of the mother following multifocal tuberculosis. The mycobacter
Abstract       References PDF (197202 k) 8 Downloads     1905 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321239
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Zhao Mingrui, Shi Xiufang, Yang Ninghui
Abstract: To explore the challenges faced by chiral drug preparation techniques and propose corresponding solutions, We introduce the background and significance of chiral drug preparation technology, Subsequently, we analyze in detail various challenges faced in the current preparation of chiral drugs, including selectivity in asymm
Abstract       References PDF (24351 k) 7 Downloads     987 Views     DOI: 10.54647/chemistry350041
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Todor Zh. Mollov
Abstract: In the present paper we establish, that the universe is eternal, that is it has no beginning and no end in the time. If we accept the original Big Bang theory, i.e. that the universe has arose from an extremely small, dense and hot fireball by an unique big bang and an inflation which continues until now, then we pr
Abstract       References PDF (223232 k) 20 Downloads     1136 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110418
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Zhao Mingrui, Xu Zhanhui, Yang Ninghui
Abstract: The research and application of chiral drugs has attracted increasing attention, to explore the development trends of chiral drug synthesis technology,this paper introduce related green chemistry and emerging technologies, elaborates on the application of green chemistry in chiral drug synthesis, including catalyst design a
Abstract       References PDF (112741 k) 22 Downloads     1086 Views     DOI: 10.54647/chemistry150337
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Marina Gabrielle Epstein, Gabriel Garbato, Gabriel Maccapani, Camille Diem Benatti, Ivan Carlos Batista, Luis Henrique Barreto Chaves, Amanda Domit Dall'Alba
Abstract: Achalasia is an esophageal motor disorder characterized by the failure of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) to relax and the loss of peristalsis in the esophageal body. Treatment options aim to alleviate the elevated pressure of the LES and include direct botulinum toxin injection, pneumatic dilation, per-oral endoscopic
Abstract       References PDF (915298 k) 16 Downloads     1157 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321234
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Efijemue Oghenekome Paul
Abstract: Due to the ever-increasing incidence of diabetes, effective screening strategies are needed for early diagnosis and intervention. This study proposes a novel approach that harnesses the power of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict diabetes risk. Using machine learning techniques and a database with demographic, clinical
Abstract       References PDF (1565638 k) 10 Downloads     1038 Views     DOI: 10.54647/isss120327
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Lei Qiang
Abstract: Based on the double exponential distributions of trap states in the channel of the hydrogenated amorphous silicon thin film transistor (a-Si:H TFT), a new extraction method of the threshold voltage for a-Si:H TFTs has been developed. By taking advantage of the conductivity, the expression of the drain current corresponding
Abstract       References PDF (208232 k) 21 Downloads     1082 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140606
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Ambreen Siddique
Abstract: Background: Paracetamol, lead, and arsenic are substances known for their potential hepatotoxic effects. Paracetamol overdose can lead to severe liver damage, while lead and arsenic, heavy metals commonly found in the environment, have been associated with liver toxicity upon exposure. Understanding the comparative effects
Abstract       References PDF (29257 k) 22 Downloads     1012 Views     DOI: 10.54647/pmh330318
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Min Liu, Rong Wang, Chun-Yue Yu, Bi-Ying Shi, Shan-Shan Shi, Ya-Nan Sun, Chun-Ming Zou, Qi Wang, Tai-Ming Wei, Te-li Zhang
Abstract: This study aimed to determine the effect of Saikosaponin a (SSa) in a model of depression induced by chronic unpredictable mild stress (CUMS) and to investigate whether SSa plays an antidepressant role by regulating the BDNF-TrkB-CREB signaling pathway. A mouse model of depression was established and treated with different
Abstract       References PDF (1027975 k) 14 Downloads     1075 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321232
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Vasyl Redchenko
Abstract: The article presents a method of experimentally determining the ordinates of the natural forms of oscillations of bridges. The method is to add a small amount of mass to the structure and measure the change in natural frequencies. The theoretical rationale and results of a number of experiments are outlined. The accuracy of
Abstract       References PDF (4781568 k) 25 Downloads     1040 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cebc560139
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Md Kashif Shamim, William Maudez, Estelle Wagner, Digvijay Narayan Singh, Seema Sharma, Giacomo Benvenuti, Rashmi Rani
Abstract: The discovery of ferroelectricity (FE) in hafnium-based thin film system has opened a new avenue of research, where HfO2 is considered a suitable replacement for Si-based electronic devices. However, the occurence of FE and its underlying physical mechanism is not well understood. In this paper, we report the synergistic ro
Abstract       References PDF (2172854 k) 30 Downloads     1055 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ijmst6101002
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Gabriel Obed Fosu
Abstract: This paper compares two intersection traffic management mechanism —roundabouts and traffic lights. It focuses on the distinctive qualities to consider while picking the best possible choice. The paper emphasizes how choosing an acceptable traffic control measure necessitates considering the particular intersection setting a
Abstract       References PDF (297651 k) 28 Downloads     994 Views     DOI: 10.54647/wjm5071003
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José Luiz Petri, André Amarildo Sezerino, Caroline de Fátima Esperança
Abstract: Sequential application consists of reapplying the dormancy break treatment for greater uniformity of bud breaking and flowering. The objective of this study was to assess the effect of the reapplication of bud break promoters on the flowering and bud breaking of ‘Maxi Gala’ and ‘Fuji Suprema’ apple cultivars. The experiment
Abstract       References PDF (415745 k) 26 Downloads     953 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajasr2011001
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Nesrine Dardouri, Mounir Smida
Abstract: This work examines the main determinants of tax evasion within publicly traded companies. The literature review indicates that there are several practices used by Tunisian companies to eliminate their tax obligations, including group size, profitability, intangible assets and debts. Thus, this study aims to obtain empirical
Abstract       References PDF (42591 k) 19 Downloads     1085 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790430
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S.V. Soboleva, O.A. Еsyakova, S.V. Ushanov, V.M. Voronin
Abstract: The paper considers the possibility of using aqueous extracts of conifers to increase the germination of seeds of Scots pine for long-term storage. It was found out that in the woody greens of conifers there are substances with provitamin and growth-stimulating activity, namely carotenoids (0.14 g/l) and phenolic compounds
Abstract       References PDF (45750 k) 33 Downloads     1051 Views     DOI: 10.54647/chemistry150336
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Linyun Wang
Abstract: At present, there are 5 million to 30 million species of organisms on the Earth, how did so many kinds of organisms come into being? What is the pattern of their variation? So far, there is no satisfactory theory to explain it. Since Watson and Crick proposed the double helix structure model of genetic material DNA in 1953,
Abstract       References PDF (43889 k) 35 Downloads     1135 Views     DOI: 10.54647/agriculture210392
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Khodabakhsh Zabihi, Ginger B. Paige, Amarina Wuenschel, Azadeh Abdollahnejad, Dimitrios Panagiotidis
Abstract: Characterizing and visualizing the vertical trends of three-dimensional (3D) structures help the science community and the public better conceptualize and perceive the structural complexity embedded in nature. We used terrestrial laser scanning (TLS) coupled with transect vegetation surveys to characterize vegetative struct
Abstract       References PDF (27600227 k) 20 Downloads     1079 Views     DOI: 10.54647/geosciences170298
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Linda Dwi Novial Fitri, Adhies Satya Putra, Iskandar Iskandar
Abstract: Background: The negative impact felt by the community from this disaster like a COVID-19 pandemic also led to changes in health conditions, both physical and mental. People are anxious when they have to stay at home, they are afraid when doing activities, let alone having to undergo independent isolation at home. Anxiety ne
Abstract       References PDF (46768 k) 18 Downloads     1012 Views     DOI: 10.54647/pmh330314
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Thiago D. Gennari, Marilia O. C. D. Leal, Rubens G. Teixeira, Claudio R. P. Jodas
Abstract: PURPOSE: This article aimed to report a clinical case of a patient, a 26-year-old, caucasian man, who sought surgical treatment due to esthetic and functional complaints related to facial features. METHODS: The initial diagnosis was a standard dentofacial deformity, short face, mandibular hypoplasia, deep mento labial sulcu
Abstract       References PDF (443631 k) 31 Downloads     1079 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321223
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H. Van Cong, K. C. Ho-Huynh Thi, P. Blaise, C. T. Pivet, C. V. Huynh, M. Cayrol, S. Munoz
Abstract: In two new single n^+(p^+)-p(n)\ X(x)-alloy junction solar cells at 300 K,\ [X(x)\equivCdS_{1-x}{\rm Se}_x, CdS_{1-x}{\rm Te}_x],0\lex\le1, by basing on the same physical model-and-treatment method, as used in our recent works [1, 2], we obtain the highest (or maximal) efficiencies, \eta_{Imax.(IImax.)}, given in the foll
Abstract       References PDF (170764 k) 41 Downloads     1201 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140600
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Anders Gustavsson
Abstract: As a senior scientist I have had many fulfilled research years during the time 2011-2023. In this paper I want to highlight the way I was able to turn a problematically perceived situation, after being a retired scientist, by finding a new way of doing research that is still ongoing today. I am writing about this to encoura
Abstract       References PDF (34538 k) 36 Downloads     1776 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841240
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Mahsum Avcı
Abstract: This study aimed to examine the mediating role of childhood traumas in the relationship between somatic symptoms, self-perception and division in university students. Within the scope of the study, a total of 220 university students, 154 (70.0%) female and 66 (30.0%) male, participated in the study with the convenient sampl
Abstract       References PDF (59717 k) 26 Downloads     993 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajpc3181002
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Keng-Hee Koh
Abstract: Background:
Dialysis in patients with dysnatraemia and hyperkalaemia is generally difficult because needing to minimize [Na] correction while ensure rapid [K] correction, and thus a need for mathematical model.
A model was derived with 80 regular ESRD dialysis sessions and 10 acute dialysi
Abstract       References PDF (497267 k) 46 Downloads     1057 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajnu1101002
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Qiang Yang, Lai Wei, Yanlin Lu, Dongchang Zhu, Pengchang Wu
Abstract: Cyclodextrins are widely used in medicine, daily chemicals and other fields, because of its special physical and chemical properties and excellent biological characteristics, but due to the limitation of poor solubility, various modification methods have become a research hotspot for scientific researchers. In this paper, p
Abstract       References PDF (453261 k) 34 Downloads     1161 Views     DOI: 10.54647/energy480203
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Omar M. Eidous, Abeer J. Al-Shourman
Abstract: Given that we have two independent random samples, each of which follows a normal distribution, the main objective of this paper is to estimate the overlapping Weitzman coefficient ∆. This coefficient is widely used and is defined as the area under two probability density functions. The proposed estimation technique is base
Abstract       References PDF (84811 k) 50 Downloads     1210 Views     DOI: 10.54647/wjm5071001
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Wei Zhang
Abstract: The classical Newton formula F=G Mm/r^2 reveals the law of gravity of celestial bodies and everything, but does not explain the cause of gravity. General relativity says that gravity doesn't exist, but is a curvature of space-time. Quantum mechanics suggests the existence of so-called gravitons, but so far none have been
Abstract       References PDF (49809 k) 45 Downloads     1189 Views     DOI: 10.54647/wjaa5011002
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Guojun Fang, Zhiqing Fu
Abstract: In the calculus class, some students were confused by the expression of Inverse Function in two forms, which causes difficulties in understanding how to calculate the derivative of Inverse Function. It was because they were taught to denote independent variable only by using x in high school. In order to help them understan
Abstract       References PDF (155618 k) 53 Downloads     1291 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110437
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Ahmad Reza Shahraki, Ahmad Reza Shahraki, Reza Abaee, Elham Shahraki
Abstract: Lead poisoning is a rare but serious disease. The clinical manifestations of lead poisoning are various and nonspecific such as abdominal pain, headache, dizziness, nightmare, fatigue and so on. Rapid diagnosis of lead poisoning is challenging because it does not have special symptoms and the morbidity is very low. Our case
Abstract       References PDF (428198 k) 39 Downloads     1183 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajss1031001
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Zahra Amini, Adib Azizian, Ahmad Eyvazi
Abstract: This study investigates the physicochemical properties, fatty acid composition, and antioxidant potential of cold-pressed Nigella Sativa oil enriched with thymoquinone. The raw black cumin seeds used in the study exhibited a moisture content of 3.25±0.28%, an oil content of 37.53±0.73%, a protein content of 18.71±0.48%, and
Abstract       References PDF (309084 k) 33 Downloads     2303 Views     DOI: 10.54647/isss120323
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Prithvish Nag
Abstract: India has one of the most ancient, rich, vibrant, dynamic, extensive and varied civilization of the world which has its roots in different components of culture. Such traditions are reflected from the ancient Indian literature, history and archeological remains. Along with the physiography, it has contributed to evolving th
Abstract       References PDF (24325559 k) 39 Downloads     1256 Views     DOI: 10.54647/geosciences170291
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AMOA Amlan Estelle Dorothée Christelle, ADON Kouadio Patrick, OKOU Kouakou Norbert
Abstract: Cet article se propose d’analyser comment le manioc participe à l’autonomisation des femmes de Bonoua. A partir d’observations et d’entretiens réalisés avec les autorités coutumières, le responsable du Secteur du Développement Rural (SDR), les pisteurs, les femmes productrices, commerçantes et transformatrices de manioc, le
Abstract       References PDF (149572 k) 50 Downloads     1570 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841212
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Medjidova U.M., Polukhova S.M., Kazimova A.U.
Abstract: This review article presents an assessment of the current knowledge of herbal medicines for the treatment of diabetic complications and their underlying mechanisms during and outside of pregnancy. Hyperglycemic status associated with diabetes leads to serious complications during pregnancy. Diabetes mellitus is a dangerous
Abstract       References PDF (363707 k) 33 Downloads     1218 Views     DOI: 10.54647/pm310227
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H. Van Cong
Abstract: In the n^+(p^+)-p(n) crystalline (X\equivGe, GaSb, CdTe or CdSe)-junction solar cells at 300K, due to the effects of impurity size, temperature, heavy doping, and photovoltaic conversion, we show that, with an increasing donor (acceptor)-radius r_{d\left(a\right)}, both the relative dielectric constant and photovoltaic conv
Abstract       References PDF (179276 k) 30 Downloads     1511 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140591
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Ruth Dorot, Nitza Davidovitch
Abstract: The current study examines the parental influence on adult children’s choice of career as students. The study explores the different factors and perceptions affecting students’ choice of a future profession, focusing on a comparison between how they perceive their parents’ career and their own choice of career. This topic h
Abstract       References PDF (68243 k) 39 Downloads     1272 Views     DOI: 10.54647/education880498
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Yude Xu, Xuan Meng, Jianmin Liu
Abstract: We take China A-share listed companies from 2006 to 2020 as samples to empirically test the mechanism that information infrastructure and market-based environmental regulation affect high-quality green innovation of enterprises.We find that the information infrastructure significantly promotes high-quality green innovation
Abstract       References PDF (119462 k) 45 Downloads     1240 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790424
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Kingsley Saa-Touh Mort, Mac-Donald Akolbire Adabere, Abdul-Hamid Karim
Abstract: Human trafficking is a global problem that affects several millions of people. This paper presents the Chambers and Wedel (2009) value-critical approach to social policy and program analysis of the Human Trafficking Act, 2005 (Act 694) of Ghana, herein referred to as “the Act.” The analysis establishes alignment between the
Abstract       References PDF (47649 k) 44 Downloads     1091 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajsw3211001
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LI Zhenzhe, Fan Meiqing, Han Huibin, Zhang Yuan, Zhang Jiyuan
Abstract: In the practical work of identifying the authenticity of document seals and seals, various types of highly imitated seal seals have emerged in recent years, which have the characteristics of multiple imitation methods, low cost, and high difficulty in identification. This poses a huge challenge to the authenticity identific
Abstract       References PDF (28315875 k) 61 Downloads     1388 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841221
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Abstract: Objectives: Tobacco and cannabis are the most used inhaled drugs worldwide. This review looked at the effects of their combined use, the dependence induced, and the ways of helping people to quit.
Method: Medline was searched using the keywords « tobacco smoking » or « cannabis use » or « tobacco mariju
Abstract       References PDF (86979 k) 57 Downloads     1153 Views     DOI: 10.54647/pmh330309
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Nasko Elektronov, Zhivko Kushev
Abstract: The influence of the Coriolis inertial force, generated by orbital and spin motions of distant objects, on the energies of electromagnetic radiation during the exchange of photons between them is shown. The presence of a red or blue spectral shift arising from this influence has been demonstrated, which is fully consistent
Abstract       References PDF (481233 k) 61 Downloads     1269 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140592
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Jacek Sosnowski
Abstract: Superconducting materials are currently the subject of interest in modern electronic technologies, especially because they exhibit quantum phenomena on a macroscopic scale. The most evident examples are quantized vortices transporting magnetic flux, which movement determines the macroscopic current carrying phenomena in the
Abstract       References PDF (583561 k) 52 Downloads     1297 Views     DOI: 10.54647/materials430241
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Shohreh Haji Mola Hosein
Abstract: This article explores Gabriel Garcia Marquez’ ‘The very old Man with Enormous Wings’ through the interdisciplinary perspectives of postmodernism and social political ecology and shows how the author undermines grand narratives praising dictated rules. The article underlines the author’s rejection of predestined ideologies t
Abstract       References PDF (65790 k) 67 Downloads     1497 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841217
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Lulu Nabila, Asep Supriyadi, Erwin Sutandar
Abstract: In the construction of road facilities and infrastructure, concrete or asphalt pavement is frequently used, which has the drawback of being impermeable. When the rainy season arrives, puddles or floods become more frequent as a result of the decline in water-absorbing areas. With the discovery of porous concrete, innovation
Abstract       References PDF (257304 k) 56 Downloads     1292 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cebc560128
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Akeem Opeyemi AKINBODE, Basira Rabiu IDRIS
Abstract: INTRODUCTION: Food safety affects everyone worldwide. Individuals and the public can experience health problems when proper food safety measures are compromised in any country. Food production needs to be conducted safely to optimize individual and public health. Food safety entails the protection of food supply chai
Abstract       References PDF (46864 k) 74 Downloads     1479 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321206
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Abstract: According to the concepts, methods and principles of cladistics, and through the discovery of  many synapomorphy, patristic relationship, ancestral-descendant sequence transformation  characters, (recency of common ancestor), in particular, the recurrence of the ancestral-descendant sequence transformation characters in mon
Abstract       References PDF (1375954 k) 62 Downloads     1625 Views     DOI: 10.54647/biology180320
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Xiang-Xi Mike Xu, Elizabeth R. Smith
Abstract: Epithelial cells comprise the surface layers that cover tissues and organs, and by definition, exhibit an asymmetric surface domain and hence apical-basal polarity. The development of early mammalian embryos, from a fertilized oocyte to a blastocyst and implanted embryo, provides an excellent system to observe the formatio
Abstract       References PDF (14345212 k) 45 Downloads     1386 Views     DOI: 10.54647/biology180331
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Kieran Edmond James
Abstract: The subject of this article is the role of alcohol in elite amateur soccer in the Fiji Islands covering the period 1975-2015. Based on interviews with six ex-Premier League players from the 1980s, and participant-observation as a friend and confidante of one ex-star (Henry Dyer), we conclude that alcohol was used as a comfo
Abstract       References PDF (114176 k) 50 Downloads     1696 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841206
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Destin Gemetone ETOU, Sylvain NDINGA OKINA, Alain Symphorien NDONGO, Christian TATHY
Abstract: The growing concern for housing in developing countries, where the need for housing far exceeds the supply offered by the public authorities, has encouraged the development and growth of self-construction in towns and cities. It is with this in mind that the informal and semi-informal sectors are being called upon by proper
Abstract       References PDF (514531 k) 66 Downloads     1298 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cebc560131
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Shengjie Li, Junwu Kan, Xuyuan Shen
Abstract: In order to meet the self-power demand of wireless monitoring system and network in agricultural remote sensing monitoring system, and avoid the environmental pollution and water waste caused by battery production and waste battery, a magnetically coupled piezoelectric rotary generator was proposed. The piezoelectric vibrat
Abstract       References PDF (1222362 k) 63 Downloads     1178 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ijii6091001
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Itsuo Takanami, Masaru Fukushi
Abstract: We present a self-reconfiguring scheme for N × N mesh-connected processor arrays (PAs) with N spares where faulty PEs are directly replaced by spare PEs functionally located on the diagonals which may be moved. This replacement is formalized as a matching problem in graph theory. Then, the necessary and sufficient condition
Abstract       References PDF (1188209 k) 67 Downloads     1349 Views     DOI: 10.54647/computer520386
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Čulić Vida, Robert Vulić, Maja Radman, Tamara Bošnjak, Jasminka Rešić Karara, Maria Lopatkina, Igor Lebedev
Abstract: In this study we presented several patients with genital infections during pregnancy, perinatal infection, de novo genetics syndromes, sterility problems and spontaneous abortions with HSV1, HSV2, CMV, Adeno, Parvo B19, RSV, EBV and Coxsackie virus. Spontaneous abortion were provoked (or at least associated) with viral infe
Abstract       References PDF (330338 k) 50 Downloads     1404 Views     DOI: 10.54647/biology180326
Open Access
Ahmed M. Abed, Ali AlArjani, Laila f. Seddek, Tamer S. Gaafar
Abstract: Client satisfaction is a machine of continuous profit. This work aims to insert the weak management (WM) phenomena (e.g., Corruption practice) that have a negative impact on productivity, social and economic climate in service and production Egyptian organizations into the Lean waste list, and propose a tracking and treatin
Abstract       References PDF (2141412 k) 58 Downloads     1250 Views     DOI: 10.54647/management630131
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Ahmed Temtam, Dimitrie Popescu
Abstract: Cognitive Radio (CR) has emerged as a groundbreaking technology in wireless communication, promising optimized use of the available spectrum. The crux of its efficiency lies in its spectrum sensing capabilities, which allow CR to detect vacant frequency bands dynamically. In order to enable spectrum sharing, spectrum sensin
Abstract       References PDF (1119608 k) 48 Downloads     1206 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajt6191002
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Vimbiso Shiri, Xianyi Li
Abstract: This work mainly investigates the bifurcation problems and topological classifications of a discrete phytoplankton-zooplankton model, whose continuous version was proposed by Truscott and Brindley in 1994. The model is derived by using the semi-discretization technique. Within this study, trivial and semi-trivial fixed poi
Abstract       References PDF (512183 k) 66 Downloads     1428 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110427
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Ali H. EL Masri
Abstract: Elevated blood pressure and consequently systemic hypertension (HTN) are common. HTN was divided into either essential, which counts for more than 90% of cases (where the patient needs a medication for life), and secondary (less than 10% of cases). In clinical practice, when we Look at blood pressure as a vital sign, the el
Abstract       References PDF (78562 k) 72 Downloads     1374 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321205
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Liang Yongyi, Tian Xiangbin
Abstract: Comprehensive English is the core course for English majors, which integrates English language, literature and culture into one and highlights the humanistic features. College students not only can learn native English, but also improve their moral and humanistic qualities through the medium of textbooks, so as to develop a
Abstract       References PDF (31453 k) 74 Downloads     1294 Views     DOI: 10.54647/education880492
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Yulin Zhao, Ding-Bang Luh
Abstract: The physical health of young people due to insufficient physical activity has attracted the attention of all sectors of Chinese society, which has repeatedly emphasized that ensuring the participation of young people in extracurricular physical activities is the key to promoting their physical health development. In the fur
Abstract       References PDF (233370 k) 52 Downloads     1219 Views     DOI: 10.54647/education880488
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Mehmet Beyaz
Abstract: Natural Language Processing (NLP) stands at the intersection of linguistics and artificial intelligence, aiming to facilitate meaningful interactions between computers and human languages. This paper provides a comprehensive overview of NLP, tracing its evolution from its inception to its current state-of-the-art methodolog
Abstract       References PDF (156425 k) 51 Downloads     1298 Views     DOI: 10.54647/isss120314
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Abstract: Introduction: Tendons are highly adaptive to changes in loading forces put on them always from walking, running, jumping and in other sporting activities. There are few studies involving the Patellar tendon (35, 29), reported a studies on the Acute Transverse Strain response of the Patellar Tendon to quadriceps exer
Abstract       References PDF (0 k) 63 Downloads     1292 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841204
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Bowen Song, Yuanzhou Wei, Meiyan Gao, Ya He, Bolin Huang, Yuanhao Tian
Abstract: This research explores Chinese investments in Latin American countries through the lenses of international relations theory and international political economy. It assesses the impact of government relations on Chinese foreign direct investment (FDI) and examines the current state and future prospects of China-Latin America
Abstract       References PDF (50293 k) 55 Downloads     1105 Views     DOI: 10.54647/ajird3151001
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Joseph M. Schulz, Alejandro Tamayo Garcia, Chloe Muriel Bell Moulin, Isabella Delia Altilio Bove, Xiang-Xi (Mike) Xu
Abstract: Adipose tissues distribute throughout the mammalian organs, though large deposits localize at specific anatomical sites, such as visceral, subcutaneous, intermuscular, and intramuscular fats. The embryonic origin of adipose tissues has been mapped using genetic mutant mice, and multiple lineages of adipose progenitor cells
Abstract       References PDF (5274982 k) 48 Downloads     1366 Views     DOI: 10.54647/biology180324
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Sikandar Siddiqui
Abstract: Central banks have the ability to provide commercial banks in their currency area with liquid funds at very low costs when needed. This enables them to intervene in the financial sector to stabilise it during crisis situations. However, if the liquidity shortages in the commercial banking sector are merely symptoms of a dee
Abstract       References PDF (73998 k) 58 Downloads     1297 Views     DOI: 10.54647/economics790420
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Abdulrazaq Yusuf Ahmed
Abstract: Somalia is a country facing numerous challenges in achieving universal health coverage (UHC) and ensuring adequate healthcare financing , This article explores the complexities and obstacles that Somalia must overcome in its pursuit of UHC, the paper begins by providing an overview of the current healthcare landscape in Som
Abstract       References PDF (29396 k) 77 Downloads     1172 Views     DOI: 10.54647/pmh330306
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Shtyrov Nikolay
Abstract: The physical properties of force diagrams of kinetic macroindentation of materials by the Brinell sphere are studied. Theoretical and experimental substantiation of physical concepts of the function and number of hardness, new analytical methods for analyzing data from the process of kinetic macroindentation. Universal phys
Abstract       References PDF (1059370 k) 57 Downloads     1346 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140571
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Jean Varnier
Abstract: On November 14, 2004 off the coast of California, a major incident involved a US Navy fleet, comprising the aircraft carrier USS Nimitz and the cruiser USS Princeton, and a “Tic Tac shaped” aerial vehicle which Nimitz's fighters intercepted two times, the first not far from the surface of the sea, the second at medium altit
Abstract       References PDF (1455156 k) 71 Downloads     1262 Views     DOI: 10.54647/aa590059
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Yijiang Hao
Abstract: With the help of the definitions of the inner and outer negative Aristotelian quantifiers, the symmetry of Aristotelian quantifiers no and some, the anti-syllogism rules and the subsequent weakening rule, this paper illustrates the reducible relations between valid Aristotelian syllogisms of different figures and different
Abstract       References PDF (301631 k) 51 Downloads     1208 Views     DOI: 10.54647/philosophy720083
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Paula Pires
Abstract: After study and research it was found that there is currently no national database of kennels/official collection centers (CRO) in Portugal mainland and islands with public availability.
Thus, we proceeded to develop a database on kennels/CRO of animals in mainland Portugal and Islands, by collecting data from kennels/
Abstract       References PDF (1118420 k) 60 Downloads     1340 Views     DOI: 10.54647/computer520378
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Tandilava R.Z., Tebidze T.I., Bakhtadze T.I, Tandilava Z.R.
Abstract: We describe the clinical case of a 9-year-old girl operated for diaphragmatic hernia. The probable cause of the diaphragm defect in the girl is a blunt abdominal injury with the subsequent formation of a false diaphragmatic hernia with clinic of acute respiratory failure, making it difficult for early diagnosis. A complex o
Abstract       References PDF (901000 k) 48 Downloads     2066 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321182
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Alejandro L. Villalobos-Rodríguez, Rafael del Carmen Cárdenas-Núñez, Júder Narváez-Palacios, Yadira Hernández-Fuentes, Corina Bibiano-Rodríguez, Martín de Jesús Novelo-Salazar, Arturo Alfaro-Palma, Guillermo Padrón-Arredondo
Abstract: INTRODUCTION. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the prevalence of obesity worldwide has nearly tripled since 1975. According to 2016 data, 39% of the global adult population was overweight, and 13% was obese. A recent study, including 20 European countries, concluded that 53% of adults were overweight
Abstract       References PDF (24572 k) 63 Downloads     1345 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321176
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Mojtaba Maleki Delarestaghi, Edris Behboudi, Ali Omidvari
Abstract: Chondroid lipoma is a rare benign soft tissue neoplasm and there is no reported case of this entity in the nasal region. In this study we discuss a 39 years old female came for rhinoplasty. We found a mass on the cartilaginous dorsum with pathologic report suggestive for chondroid lipoma. In the other regions of body comple
Abstract       References PDF (912667 k) 64 Downloads     1311 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321181
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Changzhi Xu, Yanhua Yi, Zhizhi Xie, Donglin Zhu, Zhu Wang, Yun Xi
Abstract: Background: The association of lipid profile with decompensation in patients with liver cirrhosis has not been clarified. The present study aimed to investigate the impact of Hepatitis B virus (HBV) infection on the lipid profile in decompensated patients with hepatitis B cirrhosis.
Methods: A total of 1
Abstract       References PDF (91007 k) 55 Downloads     1264 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321189
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McKenzie Fergus
Abstract: New and unforeseen socioeconomic challenges related to the COVID-19 crisis have disrupted the mentally ill population of Ghana’s livelihood support and general access to psychiatric treatments. This research looks critically at the pandemic’s impact on the mentally ill population to determine whether the crisis has changed
Abstract       References PDF (63243 k) 64 Downloads     1452 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841063
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Wolfgang Glatzer
Abstract: Quality of life has been measured in recent times in most countries of the world. In earlier times the GDP was the professional measure to describe the economic success of a nation. This measurement of economic performance is now not accepted as a sufficient measure for wellbeing and quality of life. Meanwhile there are a
Abstract       References PDF (216064 k) 65 Downloads     1334 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841102
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András Hugyik
Abstract: The aim of the article is to draw conclusions on the future course of the war and the future of NATO-Russia relations, analyzing the aims, causes, political and military lessons of the Russian-Ukrainian war that started on 24 February 2022, from a year and a half's perspective.
The Russian President has stated that th
Abstract       References PDF (159939 k) 56 Downloads     1311 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841155
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Igor Janev
Abstract: Within the conceptual framework of the "UN programme co-ordination" in the present article we analyzes approach to the problem of program(s) and budget co-ordination within the UN system. As a result of the study we have proposed a new model for co-ordination which has the potential of elimination of negative overlapping bu
Abstract       References PDF (31915 k) 61 Downloads     3824 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841179
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jin guo Zhang
Abstract: The mind thoughts of Wang Yangming come from long-term moral and spiritual practices. After the knowledge and action are honed, they fall on the level of conscience. In the early years, Yangming paid close attention to the mind. With the help of the concentrated observation amendments of law in Buddhism, Yangming looked at
Abstract       References PDF (48950 k) 59 Downloads     1211 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841174
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Matthias Hartung
Abstract: Forty-four specimens of the Calopteryx splendens/ balcanica complex of the Peloponnesus and adjacent areas have been found and were analyzed by different methods. The aim of this study is to characterize a Calopteryx form with broad wings found 1979 in the Peloponnesus. The length and width of the fore wings of all found sp
Abstract       References PDF (6178325 k) 71 Downloads     1483 Views     DOI: 10.54647/biology180295
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El Hadji SOW, Moussa FALL, Oumar SALL
Abstract: We give the set of algebraic points of degree ≤5 over Q on the hyperelliptic curveC: y²=6x(x^4+3). This result extends a previous result of Bruin of who described in [1] the set of Q-rational points on this curve.
Abstract       References PDF (44422 k) 73 Downloads     1470 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110421
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Nikolaos Manikaros, Evgenios Avgerinos, Roza Vlachou
Abstract: In this work and in the context of the preparation of the Doctoral Dissertation on the subject "Study of Mathematical Modeling for Creation and Mining of Knowledge with the aim of producing new Evaluation Models - Certification of Resource Management Criteria with the help of IT, conducting a Comparative Study and Applicati
Abstract       References PDF (483890 k) 60 Downloads     1362 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mathematics110425
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Emmanuel Saucedo-Flores, Víctor Manuel Rangel-Cobián
Abstract: The proton magnetic moment is computed by considering its quarks generated currents based in orbit-like circuits created as they are carted along by its hauler spin. Equations are derived for each quark magnetic moment for two possible rotations modes; needed quarks configurations for each rotation mode to obtain the experi
Abstract       References PDF (6470426 k) 50 Downloads     1458 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140579
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Abstract: Bulgarian Academy of Sciences transformation into experimental research institution during the second half of 20th century has examined briefly. New scientific branches together with new members of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences have shown. Self-made scientific apparatuses and new scientific and applied results have pointed out.
Abstract       References PDF (1735168 k) 67 Downloads     1462 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140577
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Hubert M. Quinn
Abstract: The Navier-Stokes equation is generally considered the ultimate mathematical expression for the dictates of the Laws of Nature which pertain to transport phenomena in the field of fluid dynamics. It is written and typically discussed, however, in the form and jargon of advanced mathematics. This makes it very difficult for
Abstract       References PDF (20090232 k) 53 Downloads     1340 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mechanics130034
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Souria El Hamouti
Abstract: Pequeñas maniobras is the second novel of the Cuban writer Virgilio Piñera (1912 – 1979), which its principal topic is the passive fight against the oppression, because its protagonist, Sebastian, is conscious about the impact that the society has in his way of life, and he chooses to survive submitted to it with the purpos
Abstract       References PDF (86016 k) 48 Downloads     1277 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841138
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Panagiotes Anastasiades, Konstantinos Kotsidis, Christos Synnefakis, Alexia Spanoudaki
Abstract: The emergence of the COVID-19 Pandemic in Greece resulted in the suspension of all schools both in spring (March-May) and in winter (November-December) in 2020. Teachers of all levels of education (165,000), were called upon to respond to the Emergency Remote Teaching needs of students in a short period of time. During the
Abstract       References PDF (1021440 k) 59 Downloads     1447 Views     DOI: 10.54647/education880457
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Amado Kaboré
Abstract: Since 2016, Burkina Faso has been faced with growing insecurity that is disrupting the state's ability to provide adequate education services. Armed attacks that were initially directed against the security forces are now deliberately targeting schools and those involved in them. Against this backdrop, the need to protect s
Abstract       References PDF (39316 k) 55 Downloads     1317 Views     DOI: 10.54647/education880474
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George S. Yacoubian
Abstract: The Artsakh War is an ethnic, religious, and territorial conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan over the disputed region of Artsakh, an Armenian enclave within Azerbaijan. The modern conflict began in 1988 and escalated into a full-scale war in the early 1990s. Escalations in April 2016, and most recently in October 2020,
Abstract       References PDF (64512 k) 59 Downloads     1415 Views     DOI: 10.54647/sociology841157
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Eugene V. Oleinikov, Alexander I. Lengyel, Oleg O. Parlag, Volodymyr T. Maslyuk, Igor V. Pylypchynets
Abstract: A parametric description of the dependence of the average number of prompt neutrons on the mass of fragments ν(A) from the actinides ( 235U and 238U) photofission has been developed for the range of energies of the first chance of fission (from thresholds of (γ,f) reaction to thresholds of (γ,nf) react
Abstract       References PDF (2459136 k) 56 Downloads     1488 Views     DOI: 10.54647/physics140574
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L K Liao, X Q Niu, D Wang
Abstract: This paper proposes the conception of full balance friction hoist shiplifts to supply the solution of the problems in layout of the main hoists, locking of the ship chamber under the thorough water leakage accident, and insufficiency of ship chamber pitch stability, existed in traditional full balance winch shiplifts for la
Abstract       References PDF (2145124 k) 52 Downloads     1319 Views     DOI: 10.54647/mechanical460104
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Aly A. Barakat
Abstract: The diamond received human beings interest much early in history as they imagined that it resembles haven in its sparkling sight. Then, they speculated that the source of diamond occurs in heaven. But how it reached earth’s surface? Their hypothesis, which called now legend, says that Adam brought it when God expelled him f
Abstract       References PDF (2892943 k) 55 Downloads     1295 Views     DOI: 10.54647/geosciences170275
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Vázquez Pérez M, Torres San Miguel GP, Torres San Miguel CR, Sevilla González M L
Abstract: The emergence of the SARS-COV-2 virus caused a high mortality rate worldwide and has resulted in alterations in the pulmonary function of post-COVID-19 patients in survivors. The most common pulmonary symptom reported after COVID-19 is dyspnea, which may persist in 22.9% to 53% of patients 2 months after symptom onset. In a
Abstract       References PDF (23874 k) 56 Downloads     1437 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321145
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Fariah I Gaba, Chirag C Sheth
Abstract: Objectives: (1) To investigate and highlight the impact of untreated AG on feeding, speech and the psychosocial domain in children between 0-15 years. (2) determine surgical outcomes of corrective AG procedures and their influence on feeding, speech and the psychosocial domain (3) highlight AG as an important myofunc
Abstract       References PDF (33132 k) 56 Downloads     1438 Views     DOI: 10.54647/cm321144
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Félix Llorente de Andrés
Abstract: A recent study shows, from an empirical deduction, that the number and the presence of the blue straggler stars (BSS) in an open cluster follow a function whose components are the ratio between age and the relaxation time, ƒ, and a factor, ϖ, which is an indicator of stellar collisions plus primordial binaries. The relation
Abstract       References PDF (245482 k) 76 Downloads     1633 Views     DOI: 10.54647/astronomy160048
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Dewu Huang, Jianying Wang
Abstract: Practical teaching is an important part of course teaching, and ideological and political education is an important part of course ideological and political construction. How to integrate ideological and political education elements into practical teaching is the core of course education. As one of the core courses of surve [...][...] Read more.
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