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Bayode, T., Department of Urban and Regional Planning, University of Ibadan.
Ipingbemi, O., Department of Urban and Regional Planning, Federal University of Technology, Akure.

This study explores the operational characteristics and safety of operators of water based transport in Lagos State. Both primary and secondary data were used for the study. Primary data was sourced through the use of structured questionnaire administered to all registered operators operating in the three most patronized jetties in the state. Secondary data was sourced from relevant institutions, literatures, peer reviewed journals and internet. Findings indicated that only males operate in this sector and 71.2% of the operators owned their vessels. About 60% of the operators had spent 1-5years in the business. However, about 90% of the operators were willing to leave the business for a better monetarily rewarding job. Safety of this mode of transport has been compromised due to operators’ misbehaviors and government inattention. Challenges such as water hyacinth, expensive safety materials and shallow water were mentioned by the operators. The study suggested immediate removal of water hyacinth, subsidy for safety materials and enactment of water based transport policy so as to improve water transportation in Lagos state.

Jetty, Lagos, Safety, Water hyacinth

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Bayode, T., Ipingbemi, O., SAFETY AND OPERATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS OF WATER BASED TRANSPORTATION IN LAGOS STATE. , SCIREA Journal of Traffic and Transportation. Volume 1, Issue 1, October 2016 | PP. 13-31.


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