Volume 1, Number 2 (2016)
Year Launched: 2016
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Volume 1, Issue 2, December 2016    |    PP. 197-202    |PDF (270 K)|    Pub. Date: January 11, 2017
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Vanitha.M, Department of Zoology, SBK College, Aruppukottai, Tamil nadu, India.
Joseph Thatheyus.A, PG & Research Department of Zoology, The American College, Madurai, Tamil nadu, India.

PHYSICOCHEMICAL CHARACTERISTICS AND PLANKTON ASSEMBLAGES OF SATHIYAR RIVER IN MADURAI DISTRICT Vanitha.M1 and Joseph Thatheyus.A2 1 Department of Zoology, SBK College, Aruppukottai, Tamil nadu, India.2 PG & Research Department of Zoology, The American College, Madurai, Tamil nadu, India.Water is an important natural resource on earth. It is necessary for all living organisms, ecological systems, human health, food production and economic development. Water can be obtained from a number of sources, among which are streams, lakes, rivers, ponds, rain, springs, and wells. The ensuring of good quality drinking water is a basic factor in guaranteeing public health, protection of environment and sustainable development. Urbanization has direct impact on water bodies as human settlement takes place around the vicinity of water bodies causing encroachment near water bodies. People obtain their consumable water from surface and ground water. However, both surface and ground water sources could become polluted by biological and chemical contaminants arising from point and non-point sources. Surface water is polluted with high levels of nutrients (Nitrogen and Phosphorus) which cause eutrophication, leading to the growth of other microorganisms and causes contamination in surface water. Other contamination sources of surface water are household wastes, sewage, industrial effluent, synthetic detergents, agrochemicals, and oil spillage. The raising of pollutants in the river results in health hazards to aquatic life directly or indirectly by altering physico-chemical parameters. Since these sources are open, they are highly susceptible to flood and birds, animals and human contamination. The quality of water is affected by an increase in anthropogenic activities and any pollution either physical or chemical causes changes in the quality of the receiving water body. Hence, the present study has been designed to evaluate the physico-chemical parameters and related plankton assembledege in Sathiyar river. The river under study lies geographically between latitude 10 0 4’0” and longitude 10 0 4’0”. It originates from sirumalai hills (a group of hills on the Eastern Ghats) situated 25km away from Dindigul town. For irrigation purpose, a dam has been constructed across this river namely Sathiyar Dam in Palamedu. The overflow of water in the Sathiyar Dam during rainy season empties into Vaigai River. In this preliminary study, six sites along the Sathiyar river were randomly selected. The physico-chemical parameters such as colour, odour, turbidity, TDS, EC, pH, alkalinity and salinity were analyzed. In addition to this, the plankton species were also collected in these six sites. The correlation between these two data were statistically analyzed and interpreted to find the influence of physico-chemical parameters on plankton assemblage in the Sathiyar River.

(Sathiyar river, Water quality, Physico-chemical parameters, Plankton assemblage, and Pollution status)

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