Marxism Modernization and Sinicization ---the formation of one complete new ideological system

Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2024     |     PP. 120-133      |     PDF (208 K)    |     Pub. Date: May 22, 2021
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Su wuxun, Professor of National Hua qiao University, Quanzhou, Fujian, China

three aspects of Marxism Modernization, Sinicization of Marxism in different development phase of China social development, the task of further reform and opening up of China, the law of interaction of same kind things at different development stage

This article is the outline and contents of the chapters of the book “Marxism Modernization and Sinicization” as the document for consultation and cooperative purpose.

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Su wuxun, Marxism Modernization and Sinicization ---the formation of one complete new ideological system , SCIREA Journal of Sociology. Volume 8, Issue 1, February 2024 | PP. 120-133. 10.54647/sociology84316


[ 1 ] Karl.Marx: “There are certain relations in the social productions which are formed by the people living in the society and not being changed by their wills and suitable to the certain developing stage of their substance productivity. The summation of those production relations constitutes the social economic configuration---the real base, which the juristic and political superstructure is put on and some certain social consciousness forms are adaptive to. The production mode of substance life restricts the whole process of the society, political and spirit life. Does not the people’s consciousness determine the people’s existence, on converse, does the people’s existence determine the people’s consciousness. When the social substance productivity have developed to a certain stage, it will be conflicted with the existed production relations or possessions relations (it just the law term of the production relations), which it still acts in. Then those production relations have changed from the developing forms of the productivity into the shackles of it and the times of the society revolution is coming. Along with the alterations of the economic base the entirely astronomical superstructure also have to be transformed either slowly or quickly. When seeing about those transformations the following two aspects should be always distinguished: one are substance transformations of economic conditions of production which could be clearly pointed by the accuracy of natural sciences, another are the juristic, political, religionary, artistic or philosophic forms, in short, the consciousness forms, which is the people acted and expressed when they wake up to that conflict and do their best to want to overcome it. When we judge one person we can’t be according to his own opinion on himself, also when we estimate such a times we can’t be according to its social consciousness; on converse the social consciousness should be explained from the antinomy of the substance life and the existed conflict between the society productivity and the production relations. No matter what society configuration the society never be ruined before the entirely productivity the society could contain could be brought into play; and that the new and higher production relations are never emerged before their existent conditions are matured in the afterbirth of the former society. So the human beings always only bring forward the tasks themselves could solve, because when carefully examined the task-itself only could come into being when the substance conditions to solve it are already existed or at least are in the forming process. General speaking the production mode of the Asian, the Archaian, the Feodal and the modern times bourgeois could be viewed as some ages of evolution of society economic configuration. The production relation of bourgeois is the last antagonistic form of society production process, the antagonistic form here mentioned is not the individual person antagonism but the antagonism that grown up from the society living conditions of the individual person; however the society productivity developed in the afterbirth of bourgeois society, at the same time, also creates the conditions to solve that antagonism, so the prehistoric phases of human society are ended by that society configuration.” (Note: This preface in English was retranslated from the Chinese edition by the author. The Chinese origin is in p194-195 of vol.2 of 《The florilegium of Marx and Engels》published by the People Press in 1966 in China.)