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García-Solís Eduardo, Secretary of Health of de State Campeche, Mexico; Bioethics Commission

The physician since the time of Hippocrates, more than 2000 years ago, has been considered to have a power. The power of healing. However, over the years, that power has sometimes been degraded. Obsolete hierarchies have been created and perpetuated in hospitals, giving rise to power in medicine. Which has led to the abuse not only of patients, but also of medical students and other health professionals. This adds to the lack of supervision of health and educational authorities. In Mexico, medical admission systems are oriented to test scores, which means that a physician with good grades is excellent for studying medicine.  However, that doesn't necessarily translate into what patients often consider important: a physician who listens to them, cares, has empathy, and treats them like a human asking for help. Research has shown that emotional intelligence can be helpful (EQ).  Some medical schools are working to change their admission criteria to better reflect this need. We do not need more powerful physician in medicine, what we need are good physicians.

Physician, power, medicine

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