Flexible bronchoschopy for foreign bodies is a safe procedure?

Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2022     |     PP. 201-205      |     PDF (144 K)    |     Pub. Date: May 22, 2022
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Melpomeni Bizhga, Service of Pediatric Pulmonology, UHC Mother Teresa, Tirane, Albania.
Evda Vevecka, Service of Pediatric Pulmonology, UHC Mother Teresa, Tirane, Albania.
Spiro Sila, Service of Surgery, UHC Mother Teresa, Tirane, Albania.

When a foreign body is evident because of history, examination and radiologic findings and especially when a tracheal foreign body is suspected, rigid bronchoscopy is indicated rather than flexible bronchoscopy.
Subject and material: During 101 2015-2018 flexible bronchoscopies are performed in UHC M Teresa, 51 of them because a foreign body in children airways are suspected, revealing 15 foreign bodies. 10% of all cases are performed under conscious sedation (midazolam 0,05mg/kg) and 90% are performed under deep sedation with spontaneous breathing, (midazolam 0,03mg/kg propofol+sevofluoran), O2 supplementation was provided in all cases.
85% of cases had O2 saturation over 90% during procedure, 10% of them had a O2 saturation 80-90%lasting less than 5 minutes, 5% of cases had important desaturation at less than 80%
3% of all bronchoscopies had important desaturation (3 cases, one with severe malacia of trachea) and one a foreign body in in trachea near carina complying 13% of all bronchoscopies and 6% of bronchoscopies where foreign bodies are found.
Isolated and important desaturations in children are found to 1.1% and 1,8%in other studies about FBS in children (1). There is no data for complications related to desaturation in cases of foreign bodies.
Conclusion: FBS in children is a safe procedure even when a foreign body is suspected. Isolated and important desaturations were transient and none arrest during procedure was happen.
Preoperative assessment should determine where aspirated foreign body is lodged, what was aspirated and when aspiration occurred (2)

bronchoscopy, children, hypoxia

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Melpomeni Bizhga, Evda Vevecka, Spiro Sila, Flexible bronchoschopy for foreign bodies is a safe procedure? , SCIREA Journal of Clinical Medicine. Volume 7, Issue 3, June 2022 | PP. 201-205. 10.54647/cm32779


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