Parallel Active Filtering based on a three –phase multicell converter

Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2019     |     PP. 48-62      |     PDF (1294 K)    |     Pub. Date: July 15, 2019
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Emmanuel Yofo, Department of Physics, Higher Teacher Training’s College of Bertoua, The University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroun; Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, The University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroun
Philippe Djondiné, Department of Physics, Faculty of Science, The University of Ngaoundéré, Cameroun

The energy issues related to the quality of the distribution of electrical energy require the development of active filtering devices of electrical networks. By injecting a current in phase opposition with the harmonics of the load (disruptive currents), the active power filter makes it possible to improve the quality of the electrical energy sampling and thus answers this problem. The aim of this article is based on the use of a three – phase multicellular converter with three switching cells per phase, to perform this function. The four voltage levels of this inverter provide the frequency benefits we will use. We start by modeling the filter in the sense of the instantaneous values and then we present its triangulo-sinusoidal control strategy. Subsequently we will develop the steps of the filter control. We finish by presenting the results of simulations of the harmonic current compensation.

Active power filter, flying capacitor inverter, harmonics, Power quality

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Emmanuel Yofo, Philippe Djondiné, Parallel Active Filtering based on a three –phase multicell converter , SCIREA Journal of Electrical Engineering. Volume 4, Issue 3, June 2019 | PP. 48-62.


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